Low Pressure Natural Gas Switch Heaters

LP Track Switch Heaters


New Type LP Heaters operate on natural gas, and deliver controlled heat for any snow condition – at low cost.



Proven inspirator design ensures correct combustion mixture regardless of weather or humidity...Proven to be more economical because it burns all the gas (no wasted gas) with an improved flame.



The LP heaters apply uniform heat over the entire length of the switch…direct flame puts heat just where you want it… when you need it most!



LP Switch Heaters operate efficiently under all conditions, even drifting snow and low temperatures.



The LP Heater housings are designed standard for left or right use…less inventory problems.



The gas inlet is designed to eliminate troublesome center casting connections…… ensuring top performance, even under constant heavy vibration conditions.



Rails Co. LP Switch Heaters start automatically as soon as snow falls….or can be controlled by dispatchers at central points!



LP Switch Heaters are built to last, with rugged construction from corrosion-resistant materials to withstand adverse weather conditions and heavy traffic!


The LP Heaters have separate gas feed lines for adjoining heater lengths. Air entrainment holes on top of the heater assure proper combustion by admitting secondary air. Tie mounted brackets provide simple and secure fastening of heater against the rail.


LP Track Switch Heaters LP Track Switch Heaters

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