Automatic Track Lubrication System

Automatic Track Lubrication System


Rails’ Type PL Automatic Track Lubrication System is a simple, low-cost, effective means for lubricating single rail, double rail and single rail-guard rail track installations. Proven in extensive service, it is preferred because it greatly reduces lubricant handling cost and practically eliminates contamination.
The system consists of a high pressure pump (supplied with drum cover and hoses for connection to air supply and grease lines), an electrical air control system, a tripper that automatically delivers a measured amount of lubricant to the wiping bars on the rail at the passage of each wheel.

Lubricant is delivered from the original factory drum (110 lb. Or 55 gal.) directly to the track. As many as 10 separate tracks may be serviced from one pump. The air control system provides automatic shut-off when the drum is empty or in case of pipeline failure.

The initial cost is low. Installation is fast and easy. No drilling of the rail is required. When the lubricant is empty, you merely remove the top from the new drum and place the pump and drum cover assembly on it. What could be simpler!

Ask us for complete information. Include a general layout of proposed locations and we’ll provide a complete system quotation.

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