Bridge Tie Anchors

Effective Holding Power Where Anchor Bolts Must Be Offset

Bridge Tie AnchorsBridge Tie Anchors


The offset mounting hole of the BC-6555 Bridge Tie Anchor provides an improved means for
fastening open deck bridge ties to supporting steel members where anchor bolts cannot coincide with
the edge of the structure due to interference on the top.

This unique design exerts spring tension which provides a constant frictional force between the bottoms of the tie and the girder, thus holding them firmly together and preventing lateral movement. The spring action compensates for shrinkage, seating and stresses caused by flexing of the tie under wheel loads.
The BC-6555 Bridge Tie Anchors are made of high carbon, heat treated spring steel. They use standard 3/4 bridge deck bolts. An indentation in the fastening surface of the BC-6555 prevents the bolt from turning when being tightened from the top.

Ask us for complete information including dimensional drawings, or a quotation.

HCP Bridge Tie Anchors

Bridge Tie Anchors

Rails HCP Bridge Tie Anchors have been an industry standard for more than 25 years. Their spring steel construction, which provides a spring action that absorbs variations of pressure caused by flexing of the under heel loads, makes them the most practical means of bridge deck fastening. HCP Anchors replace expensive hook bolts which loosen due to tie deflection and shrinkage. They prevent skewed ties, split guard rails and other structural defects.

The length and contour of Rails Co. HCP Bridge Tie Anchors and the slotted shape of the bolt hole allow for variation in cover plate thickness with no loss in holding power.

Three models are available:

HCP-15 - for cover plate thickness to 1-1/2"

HCP-25 - for cover plate thickness to 2-1/2"

HCP-45 - for cover plate thickness to 4-1/2"

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