Compression Rail Anchors

2-Way Holding Power

Economical, uniform anchorage... protection against pull-apart... lower maintenance

Compression Rail Anchors

-Fewer anchors per mile

One compression Rail Anchor holds in both directions so fewer anchors are required per mile. In addition, you benefit from the speed and cost efficiency of machine installation.

-Reduce anchor inventory

The standard Compression Rail Anchor fits all the rail sections. This not only simplifies rail anchor inventory, it reduces storage space and inventory investment.

- Holds rail to outside shoulder

Compression Rail Anchors hold the rail to the outside shoulder of the tie plate. They resist rail movement on main line track, branch lines, turnouts, bridges, switches and crossings.

- Effective Anchoring

Compression Rail Anchors reduce buckling stresses and provide definitive protection against “pull-aparts” in welded rail. Uniform holding maintains gaps at the end of the rail. Rails are effectively anchored, both ways, from the movement of application.






With the combination of train and highway traffic, grade crossings are subject to millions of cycles of vertical motions, thus accelerating spike pull, tie wear and unstable sub grade, as shown in Fig. 1.

The Torque Timber Screw with the Compression Fastener, which acts as a spring, shown in Fig.2, will absorb more vertical movement of the rail without transmitting these forces to the Torque Timber Screw or the tie.

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