Rail-Tel RTS Switch Heater


RTS Switch Heater   Rail-Tel RTS Switch Heater


Rail-Tel RTS Heaters apply uniform heat over the entire length of the switch… direct flame puts heat just where you want it…when you need it most.



Proven inspirator design ensures correct combustion mixture regardless of weather or humidity.



Rail-Tel RTS Heaters operate on propane or natural gas. They provide controlled heat for any snow condition at low cost. Optional heat retaining shields increase efficiency in areas of high winds and/or very cold temperature.



Proven by years of experience. Rail-Tel RTS Heaters operate under all conditions…keep switches clear in high winds, drifting snow, and low temperatures.



Available in 6’6”, 8’, 10’, and 11’*. Rail-Tel RTS Heaters can be provided with flash igniters fired by the heater on the rail.



Exclusive construction features confine all open flame…with no chance of damage to rails, ties, track equipment or insulation.



Rails Co. Solid-state controllers and Snow Sensing systems automatically start heaters as soon as the snow falls. Rail Co. Controls are available with AC or DC Automatic Ignition Systems. Rail-Tel RTS Heaters can also be manually controlled by dispatchers at a central control point.



Rail-Tel RTS Heaters are built to last, with minimum maintenance, in the toughest weather or heavy traffic. Available in standard aluminized steel or in stainless steel for even greater reliability and service life.

*Note: Actual Rail-Tel RTS Heater lengths are as follows:

                            6'6" = 6'5-1/4"

                            8' = 8'

                            10' = 9'7"

                            11'6" = 11'2"




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