Abrasive Rail Cutting Wheel

Designed for superior performance, longer life and greater productivity.

Abrasive Rail Cutting Wheel

Rails Company’s high speed, reinforced, abrasive Cut-Off Wheels are specially designed for heavy-duty rail cropping and weld preparation applications. They provide fast, square, clean cutting, safe operation and the maximum number of quality cuts per wheel.

The wheels are constructed of cold pressed resinoid (aluminum oxide abrasive). They provide precision cutting of untreated, heat treated, chrome alloy and manganese alloy rails in any commonly used weight. Double reinforcement with high strength fiberglass ensures greater resistance to breakage and increased stiffness.


Rails Company’s Cut-Off Wheels are available in 14” and 16” diameters and fit all rail cutting saws, including gas powered and portable saws.

The ACD-8584-14 (14”) Cut-off Wheel is rated at 5400 rpm at 20,000 surface feet per minute (SFM).

The ACD-8584-16 (16”) Cut-off Wheel is rated at 4800 rpm at 20,000 surface feet per minute (SFM).

Every Cut-Off Wheel is speed tested and manufactured to comply with ANSI B7.1 Safety Code.

Cut-Off Wheels are packed 10 to a carton for easy handling in the field.

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