Snow Detection Systems


-Provides automatic, efficient, economical operation of all types of snow melting equipment
-Activates railway snow melters to keep switches open in severe storm conditions
-Three types: pole, ground mounted, surface mounted
-Provides local control at remote points; eliminates need for supervision by dispatchers and CTC modifications
-Compact, easily installed, maintenance-free
-Foolproof. Operates only in snow, sleet, hail or ice…not during normal rainfall
-Controls all types of heating equipment

SD-7400-1 Sensing Head, with 14' of Cable

SD-7900 Surface Sensor

SD-10727-5A Snow Detector Control

*SD-7200-2 Sensing Head & Pole Mount

*SD-7200 Series Sensing Head

*SD-7200-1 Sensing Head, Track Mount

*The SD-7200 Series sensing heads feature 4 independent sensing surfaces, one facing in each direction, to provide multiple sensing angles which can sense snow falling at virtually any angle.

The instant a snow or ice storm starts, the Rails Company Snow Detector automatically activates switch-heating equipment and may transmit a signal to maintenance men. As soon as the storm is over, the Snow Detector turns heaters off. The device greatly reduces hazards caused by snow, freezing rain, hail or ice by prompt control of heaters and removal equipment.

The Snow Detector was invented and developed for railroad installations by the Rails Company. Throughout the United States and Canada, the unit has achieved a noteworthy record in keeping railroad switches open under extremely severe storm conditions. We constantly improve and upgrade the design and components to provide maximum performance.

SD-6330 Pole Mount, Aluminum

SD-6341 Track Mount, Aluminum

SD-1016 Temperature Control

SD-7400-1 Sensing Head, with 14' of cable

Standard System:
Control Box: 12” x 14” x 6-1/2”

Temperature control: 4-1/2” x 2” x 2”

Standard or aluminum sensing head w/ 14’ of cable.

Group or pole mount

Electrical requirements: 115 volts, 60 cycles, 21 watts

Each additional sensing head, 16 watts

System Options:

12 volts DC model available

As many as three sensing heads may be used with each Snow Detector

Various types of sensing heads may be used together

Various cable lengths for sensing heads are available. Specify lengths required.


SD-10727-5A Snow Detector Control with Surface Sensor (SD-7900)

SD-7200-3, 4 Surface Sensing Head, Optional Upgrade For Surface Sensor (SD-7900)

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