Track Skates

Preferred by Skate Men

Track Skates

Rails/Trasco Track Skates are long lasting lightweight units that are widely used in hump yards and industrial sidings to slow and stop a moving car or to hold a car steady on a flat track or track with a moderate downgrade.

Rails/Trasco Track Skates are constructed of a tough cast ductile alloy. Rails/Trasco Track Skates are Lightweight –only 27 lbs. – and feature a specially designed “hump” that catches and holds car wheels to prevent them from skidding out or rolling back. A heavy duty, no-curl tongue and a specially balanced hand hold makes them easy to carry. The Rails/Trasco Track Skates fit rails from 85 to 140 lbs. and are easily installed without using tools.

Rails/Trasco Track Skates are painted in bright safety yellow but are also available in a variety of other colors. Rails/Trasco Track Skates may also be supplied with reflective tape on the heel so they can be located more easily in the dark areas.

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