Tubular Electric Ballast Heater

Tubular Electric Ballast Heater


Rails Co. Tubular Electric Ballast Heaters provide trouble-free weatherproof, safe, and economical protection from freeze-ups. They are constructed of stainless steel and conform to AAR specifications.

Heaters can be supplied in customer-specified voltages AC or DC and wattage of 100-500 watts per foot. Two types of terminals are commonly used: RAILSEAL®, and Quick-Disconnect. The RAILSEAL® Terminal provides a permanent seal against moisture. The Quick-Disconnect allows the user to remove heaters when not in use. Heaters are furnished with a standard 10 ft. #6AWG cable lead on each end, unless otherwise specified. Mounting hardware can be supplied to support the heater at 18-inch intervals. (A) Equals length of the Ballast Heater.

Below is an illustration on how the Ballast heater would be installed. The Ballast heater would not fill up the whole crib space.

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