Tubular Electric Switch Rod Heater

Tubular Electric Switch Rod Heaters Tubular Electric Switch Rod Heaters


Rails Company Switch Rod Heaters protect switch rods from freeze ups all winter long. This gives you the opportunity to concentrate on keeping your rolling stock moving. The Switch Rod Heater is installed in the inconvenient crib spaces under the switch rods . Once installed the Rails Company Switch Rod Heater will do all the work. For added protection use the Switch Rod Heater with any one of our other styles of heaters such as Rails Company Ballast Heater or our very popular Tubular Switch Heater.

Rails Company Switch Rod Heaters are manufactured from corrosion resistant alloys and are moisture proof. The Switch Rod Heater meets AAR standards for physical and electrical requirements. The Switch Rod Heater can be supplied in customer-specified voltages AC or DC with watts of 100-500 per. foot.

Installation is simple. Bend the bracket to conform to the tie space and lag screw in place. Connect leads to the switch heater supply. Installation is now complete.

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